Wendy (speak_up_dearx3) wrote in bookcircle,


so lets get the into outa the way
im Wendy. 15. and i love to read. well duh.

im about to read a Clockwork Orange. iv been meaning to for about 2 years. but i read the begging, and it says that in all other parts of the world but America, well they have the 21st chapter. but it says what basicly happens in the latst chapter at teh begging in the introduction. im wondering, i need your opinions on this, should i wait to find the book that the rest of the world has. or should i just read the book then go back to the into and read that.
pelase dont tell me what happens, im begging you. i just want to know which way would be the best way to read this book.

and ps. im sure ACO isnt the best book Burgess has written, so id like to know, for those who have read other books written by him, which one should i read next?
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