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bookcircle's Journal

Book Circle: The Book-Trading Community
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Welcome to the LJ Book Circle! This is a community for anyone who:
  • has an interest in reading
  • loves to read, but finds that the cost of new books is getting steep
  • wants to share great books that s/he has read, and is looking for someone to pass them on to
  • wants something new, fresh and different to read
  • or
  • is interested in discussing books/literature with fellow readers.

The idea behind the Book Circle is simple:
  1. Any kind of books are welcome. Diversity is the key! I'm hoping that this can all get us reading not only more, but differently. Try to take chances with what you request, and read new and diverse topics. If you don't like a book, you can always return it to the book circle.
  2. When you finish a book or books that you'd like to share, post the title and a brief description to the community. Then, send the book(s) to the first respondant who shows an interest. (If you want the book returned to you eventually, write your contact information -- name, LJ account, or e-mail/snail-mail address -- inside the book's cover.)
  3. Books can be sent to recipients by a variety of methods. The cheapest method of snail-mail shipping is is probably best. You can also choose to list a geographic region for shipping your book if you don't want to ship overseas.
  4. When you receive a book from the book circle, please follow up to the original posting to note that you received it. Also, common courtesy dictates that the book should be read in a timely manner. Don't feel that you have to skip meals and work and sleep to finish it, but don't let it fester untouched for weeks either.
  5. When you finish a book you have received from the book circle, either return it to its owner or re-post it for availability to the book circle. Again, if you can't afford to ship it internationally, you can request people in your region only.
  6. We encourage discussion of books that you have read, to the extent that these discussions do not reveal too much plot or story line. This community can be an excellent resource for sharing ideas, questions, and musings with others who have read the same books.

Now, the rules:
  1. Please try not to request more than one book circle book at the same time. If you miss a book you really wanted because of this, you can catch it next cycle around.
  2. If a book is posted to the book circle and isn't claimed by anybody within two weeks, that book goes back to its original owner. Contact them for shipping instructions.
  3. A book's original owner is still the owner of that book. If s/he wants it returned, s/he can post to the book circle to request it be returned. Upon completion, the current reader must send it back immediately.
  4. If you are sharing a book of a mature nature, please make sure that the recipient is over 18 before sending the book. (We don't want to get into any legal trouble!)
  5. Please DO NOT use this community to post advertisements for books you are selling on e-bay or elsewhere. If I see these types of posts, they will be deleted immediately.